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MR SL Pageants 2016 – Candidate Official
MR. SL ♛ Portugal 2016

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic situated in the southwest of Europe, whose territory is located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula and islands in the North Atlantic.
The Portugal name appeared between the years 930-950 of the Christian era, and the late tenth century began to be used more often. King Fernando I of Castile and Leon, called the Magno, officially named the territory of Portugal, when in 1067 gave it to his son D. Garcia, which was titled king’s even name!

Capital: Lisbon

– Estimated 2012 10 487 2894 hab.
– Census 2011 10 562 1785 hab.
– Density 115.3 / km².

Candidate: thi Shippe
Time Zone: South America/Brazil (+6 SLT)
First Language: Portuguese

AVENUE Models Academy - thi Shippe

Graduated from AVENUE MODELS Academy from class of training models with mastering the runway and styling in October/2012.

– Current Agencies:
Amazing Impressions Modeling – BonieFacio Resident & Ponchituti Boucher
Canary Top Model – marycarmen Hyandi & Josebas Darkmatter
SOLARIS – Fuzz Lennie  & Nice Wildrose
PENUMBRA agency – ZzoieZee Resident & trouble Dethly
MISS SL Agency – Marcus Lefevre & Ponchituti Boucher
Siren Productins Event Models – Lexie Jansma

– Past Experience:
AVENUE MODELS Academy (Former)
UEMA Models (Former)

– R E S U L T S   O N   A U D I T I O NS

● 1st Live Audition for MR SL 2016 – Saturday, 25th July | 10AM SLT:
MR SL 2016 – Calling for LIVE AUDITIONS

● Results of official candidates after the Firts Live Audition:
MR SL 2016 – Country Assignment

Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization | Owner

Ponchituti Boucher
MISS SL Organization | CEO

Boniefacio Resident
MR SL 2016 | CEO

© July 2015 MISS SL Organization

– O F F I C I A L   S P O N S O R S

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MR. SL PORTUGAL sponsored by

Brand – SL Designer:
V I T A L I S   A N I M A T U M  – SL Designer by Locuala Madruga
BARE ROSE – SL Designer by June Dion
CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture – SL Designer by Enzo Champagne
SLink – SL Designer by Siddean Munro
Moondance Boutique – SL Designer by Kathrin Dassin
CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY – SL Designer by Belle Roussel
..::ILLI::.. – SL Designer by Alphonse de Ophidion

Official Headshot | by Enzo CHAMPAGNE

– MR. SL 2016 | C H A L L E N G E S

MR SL 2016 – The VOGUE Challenge
© MISS SL Organization


First Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016
Inspiration : Trend Modern Men


Since the 90s Pantone selects the color of the year for 2015 and the best of them is MARSALA a wine pulled brown.

The VOGUE Challenge

First Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016

The marsala also harmonizes with other cool colors!

MR SL PORTUGAL have inspiration in a look classic, worthy of a VOGUE Men Cover, the mixture of red and brown colors brings elegance, refinement and sophistication. The brooch of Lion by Belle Roussel – CHOP ZUEY COUTURE giving a touch of respect, reverence, THI SHIPPE begins your outfit with a very beautiful fur Scarf by Inex Hax – PEQE, then MR SL PORTUGAL wears a white shirt and pants in color Burgandy by Gianni Broda – David Heather. To complete your outfit thi Shippe uses a leather Clutch in brown by Vintage McMillan- EPOQUE.


Fur | Peqe – Fur Stole_Light Brown
Booch | CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY – Brooch of The Lion of Great Excellence
Shirt + Pants | -David Heather-Seventeen Suit/Burgandy
Shoes | ..::ILLI::.. Cortez Formal Shoe – deluxe
Clutch | (epoque) Pantone Satchel – Maroon
Hands |Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Gesture

RESULT – Challenge of The VOGUE


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal

© MISS SL Organization

Second Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016
Inspiration : Lusitanian mythology
God: Ares Lusitani/Ares Lusitano


Second Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016


Capital: Emerita Augusta (Merida)
Borders (provinces): Southeast: Bética
North and Northeast: Tarraconense
Current match: Portugal (to the Douro river) and Estremadura spanish
The Romans divided the Iberian Peninsula in three major provinces: Tarragona, Lusitania and Betica. Lusitania was in the west of the peninsula, south of the Douro River, covering part of Extremadura, and Emeritus (now Mérida) as capital. The Minho and Tras-os-Montes belonged to Tarraconense province. The Lusitania had three legal convents: Emerita, Pax Julia (Beja), Scalabis (Santarém). There are still many traces of Roman roads and military roads. In certain region of Portugal today to discover ceramics, coins, mosaics and lapidary inscriptions from Roman times. There are many remains of pre-Roman people in Lusitania, Celtic and Iberian. After the Roman rule, the Lusitania name faded. In the tenth century appears the name Portugal. The Lusitanian were agile, strong and frugal. They slept on the hard ground, wore long, flowing hair, like the woman. Much appreciated the sacrifices and drew predictions of the entrails of victims. They were disciplined, brave and skilled in warfare.

Thi shippe sought his inspiration in Lusitanian mythology, represented by one of the gods called Ares Lusitani/Ares Lusitano, who was the god of horses and riders in battle during the Lusitanian mythology.
Mr. Portugal brings us an outfit for battle, wearing trousers handcrafted in real leather, with a skull belt. thi shippe demonstrates the necessary strength in battleground, and with its pure steel sword can defeat an army. The biggest question right now is simple: why be a king when you can be a god?
Mr. Portugal sends the Message:
Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting”

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Male – Splayed
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Male – Curl
Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

RESULT – Challenge of Gods

Saturday, September 19, 2015
thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal


© MISS SL Organization

Third Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016
Autumn Minimalist 2016

Third Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016

Third Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016

Based on Junya Watanabe fall/winter 2015 and fall/winter 2016 collections, MR SL Portugal creates his style using a color concept of sandstone, brown, and black. He wears shoulder pads in sandstone. MR SL Portugal also wears armor in brown and a long skirt in black, with platform shoes in sandstone. To complete this perfect look, he adds an Eastern headpiece. MR SL Portugal shows us today that a man can also understand fashion.

MR Portugal show us today custom poses by [ V I T A L I S A N I M A T U M ], Poses by Locuala Madruga

Zibska ~ Amphitrite Set
Zibska ~ Desdemona
Zibska ~ Noname Deux by Zib Scaggs
Ignition Art – The Thieves Armor Brown by Ałkiτн Iгoηbłσσɗ Mαłkαviαη
[ ID ] Ripped Resille Black Tank by Wolverine Gotter
Ama. : Male Azriel Skirt : Galaxy Fade by Amadeo Dubratt
-David Heather-Celine Platforms/Sienna by David C. Heather
UC_Dragon_scale_braclet_Slink_casual_goldstripe by UC
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Gesture

Saturday, September 26, 2015
Thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal

© MISS SL Organization

Fourth Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016
Inspiration: Fernando Pessoa

quarto desafio2                          Fourth Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016

The world around us is nothing more than the union of infinite lines,letters in the space, trying to express that as humans, we are spinning in the chaotic space filled of lines, Mr. Portugal presents us his work named “Book’s storm!”.Mr. Portugal was based on this work to show us a styling, thi Shippe wears a long coat in black, shows all elegance in its look, to give shine to your look, equipped with an umbrella and books turning on your head. thi shippe shares a small part of the great and talented biography of Fernando Pessoa.
Fernando Antonio Nogueira Pessoa (Lisbon, June 13, 1888 – Lisbon, November 30, 1935), better known as Fernando Pessoa, was a poet, philosopher and Portuguese writer. Fernando Pessoa can be classified as modern as it was one of the authors who introduced the motion in Portugal..
“Being happy is to stop being a victim of the problems and become an author of history itself. Is know talk about himself. It is not to be afraid of your own feelings ”
―Fernando Pessoa

Hat : Elysium – Ludovica hat – noir
Coat / Shirt : [ h ] Trenchoat – Mesh – Black
Pants : [ hoorenbeek ] MFS – Pants
Shoes : * SORGO – ICED Shoes
Hands : Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Gesture

Saturday, October 3th, 2015
Thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal

© MISS SL Organization


MR SL Pageants 2016




Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to CHOP ZOEY Fashion Show, this is Sixth year of CHOP ZUEY and to celebrate this Mr.Portugal celebration is wearing a hat in red accompanied by a beautiful jewel (the Working Nebula Fascinators Set 1). To give full brightness, thi shippe wears a ring with ruby stones (LW Voice of Earth Ruby Ring), thi shippe also uses a red and white clutch decorated with red stones (Feu Follet Clutch Purse – Rd). Upgrade with us, use CHOP ZUEY, ladies and gentlemen after the fashion show don’t forget to visit the store CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY, all of today’s applause go to Belle Roussel founder and designer by CHOP ZUEY store.

Suit : -David Heather-Souris Outfit/Blood – David Heather
Ring : LW Voice of Earth Ruby Ring – ( CHOP ZUEY)
HAT : Working the Nebula – Scarlet – Fascinator – ( CHOP ZUEY)
Clutch : Feu Follet Clutch Purse – Rd – ( CHOP ZUEY)
Shoes : * SORGO – CRYL Shoes / BURGUNDY

Saturday, October 17th, 2015
Thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal



MR SL Pageants 2016
Swimsuit – Inspired by Victoria’s Secret


Inspired by Victoria’s Secret fashion show, in the creation of the outfit, thi Shippe made a connection between Victoria’s Secret and Portugal, thi Shippe is wearing a comfortable red trunks, as accessories Mr.Portugal uses a Tiara and necklace based on the colors of Portugal, Mr. Portugal also uses a Chicken Wing based on the legend of the “Galo de Barcelos”. To give continuity to Portugal, thi Shippe uses the colors red and green makeup and to complete the outfit, Mr. Portugal is using GREGOR SANDALS of store ILLI by equitum Resident  textured in the colors of the flag of Portugal.


Wings / Arms : ::: B@R ::: Galo –  BARE ROSE
Necklace / Tiara : FINESMITH KARMA (red) – F I N E S M I T H
Make-Ups : +Nuuna+ Ere makeups / +Nuuna+ Mei Makeups / +Nuuna+ Meta makeups (M) – Nuuna
Trunks : flow . Swimming Trunks – red –  flow

Sunday, October 18th, 2015
Thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal

Thanks to all family, friends and sponsors ❤
thi Shippe
MR. SL ♛ Portugal 2016

Copyright © 2016 thi Shippe. All rights reserved.



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