About me

 Created the character thi Shippe is a avatar who makes his/her image available to be registered into phtographs, paiting, sculpture or drawing. In this work, the objective is not the person itself nor his/her personality, but the defined character (by scene director, who can be a painter, photographer, sculptor or drafstman), who the model normally represents.

Professionalisation in fashion market is within reach of those who manage to stand out by an exceptional beauty, along with charisma, outstanding personality and professionalism.

[ For a FULL Resume, please contact me! ]

❝ Available for jobs: In days of week starting 1:00 pm – SLT. On the weekends full time (TBA). ❞

Time Zone: South America/Brazil (+4 SLT)
First Language: Portuguese
Other Languages: Basic Concept

I’m accepting sponsors and designers who can send me their new releases to post here on my blog. If you want see them here, please email me at thishippe@gmail.com or drop me an IM (thi Shippe).

Copyright © 2016 thi Shippe. All rights reserved.


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