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Second Challenge – for MR SL Pageants 2016
Inspiration :  Lusitanian mythology
God: Ares Lusitani/Ares Lusitano


Capital: Emerita Augusta (Merida)
Borders (provinces): Southeast: Bética
North and Northeast: Tarraconense
Current match: Portugal (to the Douro river) and Estremadura spanish
The Romans divided the Iberian Peninsula in three major provinces: Tarragona, Lusitania and Betica. Lusitania was in the west of the peninsula, south of the Douro River, covering part of Extremadura, and Emeritus (now Mérida) as capital. The Minho and Tras-os-Montes belonged to Tarraconense province. The Lusitania had three legal convents: Emerita, Pax Julia (Beja), Scalabis (Santarém). There are still many traces of Roman roads and military roads. In certain region of Portugal today to discover ceramics, coins, mosaics and lapidary inscriptions from Roman times. There are many remains of pre-Roman people in Lusitania, Celtic and Iberian. After the Roman rule, the Lusitania name faded. In the tenth century appears the name Portugal. The Lusitanian were agile, strong and frugal. They slept on the hard ground, wore long, flowing hair, like the woman. Much appreciated the sacrifices and drew predictions of the entrails of victims. They were disciplined, brave and skilled in warfare.

Thi shippe sought his inspiration in Lusitanian mythology, represented by one of the gods called Ares Lusitani/Ares Lusitano, who was the god of horses and riders in battle during the Lusitanian mythology.
Mr. Portugal brings us an outfit for battle, wearing trousers handcrafted in real leather, with a skull belt. thi shippe demonstrates the necessary strength in battleground, and with its pure steel sword can defeat an army. The biggest question right now is simple: why be a king when you can be a god?
Mr. Portugal sends the Message:
Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting”


Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Male – Splayed
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Male – Curl
Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat


Saturday, September 19, 2015
thi Shippe
MR SL ♛ Portugal


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